Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Family Visit

One of the only things we weren't too excited about moving to Hawaii was the separation from family. What a treat to have my sister and niece come to spend a week with us already.  It was great to have my sister and my good friend here to talk things through.  There have been so many changes in our lives since August and I don't have the support system set up here yet so it was refreshing to have her to talk to.  It was also fun to explore Hawaii a bit and see a few new things.  

Monday we went to our first luau.  Our niece and Mari fell asleep before the big show but the boys were CRAZY about it.  In fact Nati now wants to learn how to throw fire:). This morning they stripped down to their under ware and were slapping and yelling like the men they saw in the show.  I am going to try and catch them doing this on video.  It is SO funny. 
 Notice Mari having a fit in the stroller because she did not get a drink.  You are NOT allowed to eat or drink in front of her without giving her something or she will go bananas on you.
 Some of the kid activities at the luau.
 I think this picture is funny as they look like a little family.

 Nati learning to make a bracelet out of fires.
 The yummy meal.
 Back at home the three musketeers.
 The game of life being played in real life.

 Nati's kayak gets good use here in Hawaii. It is so easy to use the boys are often out playing on their own.
 Yared has grown up so MUCH, but he is still genuinely sweet and kind with all those around him.  This picture shows the beginnings of a teenager in my mind.  I so don't want him to grow up yet.  
 Those amazing eyelashes.
 There is military hotel down at Waikiki.  We took advantage of going down there and using their beach and pool for a couple days.  It was so fun.  (again notice Mari making sure that I didn't give all the shaved ice away.)
 Nati and his big boy grin.  He too has grown up so much as well and is learning new things left and right.  He is so sweet and helpful with Mari.

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