Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Week Three, First Halloween and Football

Well we have officially had Mari home for three weeks.  It has been a remarkably peaceful transition.  This is not to say it is all sunshine and flowers, but that it has gone much smoother than I had anticipated.  I feel like this week I finally came out of a fog of illness and sleep deprivation.  She is still struggling to sleep at night but I am adjusting to living with less sleep.  My mom had to go home last week and I still wasn't feeling 100%.  I must confess some big tears were shed after she left.  But the spouses of the other Navy Engineers in the area really stepped up and offered to bring us meals.  If they had asked me about this before we brought Mari home I would have turned them down arrogantly assuming I could do it all.  After 10 days of horrible sleep and being sick and trying to juggle home school and a 1 year old, I was MORE than ready to accept.  It has been a HUGE blessing to have others make our meals for us.  It has given me time to get on top of life as a mom of three.  It helped especially during the few days I flew solo after Mom left and before Ben came home from his business trip.  That is one of the major perks of military life.  Wherever you move you will quickly make friends with kind and helpful families who KNOW what you are going through and will take the time to call you when they hardly know you to offer help.  Thanks to our local CEC families for all you have done!!!

Boys…well after a rough first week for Yared it has been Nati that has been struggling with Mari.  Mari has decided she adores Yared.  She lites up when she sees him and loves to be playing with him.  Nati is her competition.  She seems to just get that he is the former baby of the family.  If he is in my lap and she is playing on the floor she will scream and come over to shove him off.  We have made a game of it to try to keep it light hearted.  She wants every toy Nati has and she wants to hit him.  But the last two days I have seen her softening to him.  If she hears the boys playing in another room she will call for them.  When I bring her down in the morning she waves her chubby fingers and cries "hi" at them.  I am learning to take the extra time to love on each boy so they know they still have my full heart and love.  Someone wrote on my FB that "'With each child you grow another heart.'  It makes it possible to love them all with your whole heart."  That is exactly how I feel.  I can sit holding Mari as she falls asleep in my arms and I ache with the growing love I feel for her.  Then I walk downstairs and see Nati reading a book and I find a swell of love for him.  Only to look over at Yared who is struggling through his math and looks up to smile at me and I find another wave of love.  I am so thankful to know there is more than enough love to go around.

Mari she is truly a bundle of energy and love.  Sometimes she is so sweet and innocent and vulnerable it is overwhelming what I feel as I look at her.  Other times she is frustrated, fussy, complaining no matter what I do and I find myself swamped with the responsibility of a baby.  But most of the day I just feel blessed.  When I finally got her to the doctor we found out she had a double ear infection.  We think that cleared up just in time for another tooth to come in.  In the month we have had her, I think there might have been one or two days where she wasn't suffering from a sickness or teething.  She is learning more each day.  Just in the last two days I have seen her using walking to get from toy to toy.  Before this we had to cheer her on to get her to walk.  She is no dummy, she has four willing able people doting on her who will happily carrier her from place to place so why should she walk.  She has learned to hold on tightly to me when I carry her.  This is a huge help as when we first got her she had no idea how to be held.  She leaned out and away from you and did not hold on with arms or legs.  Now she will wrap her little chubby legs around me and cling to me with both fists.  I love it.  She isn't all that happy to be in her baby carrier but it is so good for newly adopted kiddos to be strapped on or held that I am still trying to use this at least a bit each day.  I honestly think after three weeks home our biggest challenge is sleep.  She is just so trained to need a bottle to go to sleep.  On a bad night we can have her waking up 2-3 times an hour with screams and cries.  We use the empty bottle as a pacifier as she won't take a pacifier but she has to suck something or she'll wind her self up into quite a state.  On a good night she is screaming about every two or three hours but just once until you get the empty bottle or a half full one in her.  And  just when you think it can't go on anymore, it is morning and this beautiful smile will shine at you over the top of her pack-n-play.  She sleeps next to our bed for now as she definitely has fears of being alone.  We want to assure her with every means possible that she is safe and will never be alone again. She is trying to say words and use hand signs to show what she needs or wants.  I can see her getting frustrated when she can't communicate with us.  We are so thrilled God chose us to be her parents.  We are so grateful for all the prayers and support while we transition to a family of five.  It is fun, it is crazy, it is beautiful, it is hectic, it is sweet, it is messy, it is wonderful and it is exhausting and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Pictures in random order.

Sweet smile
 We spend hours a week at football practice.  The boys love it which is good as I am not a huge football  fan.  Although I have to admit the uniforms with Leppard on the back is pretty cool.

 Playing telephone at football practice with Nana.
 Her curios face.
 Hanging with Daddy after he had been gone for a week.

 First beach trip…she ate two handfuls of sand.
 What is this stuff?

 She loved the water but not the crashing waves which were actually tiny.
 Her "happy to see Yared" face

 Just a random sunset that is one of the blessings of Hawaii
 Halloween…craving pumpkins.
 Minnie Mouse
 Yared as a Seabee and Mari as Minnie Mouse.  Nati has always hated Halloween, Disney characters, clowns, puppets and people dressed up as other things so this year he boycotted Halloween.  He sat inside and watched a movie eating candy while Ben took the other two around the neighborhood and I handed out candy.  I am not a huge Halloween fan myself so I totally support his decision.
 Check out that salute.  Dad has him trained.
Hitting the streets.
The stash was shared between them both and they were organizing and sorting when I came downstairs the next morning.  
 Does it get any cuter?  I think not!!
 We miss you Nana!!


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You guys are so gorgeous! Love the pics and the stories and all the fun you have in your family. Thanks for sharing.

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